Biological Classification - Kingdom Monera

The organisms in kingdom monera include only Bacteria.


Bacteria are omnipotent and occupy different types of habitat, some are found to exist even in extreme habitats such as hot springs, deserts, snow and deep sea or as parasite in or on the surface of organisms.


Based on their modes of Nutrition, Bacteria are classified as Autotrophs and Heterotrophs. Some of the bacteria are classified as autotrophic if they synthesize their own food from inorganic substrates. They may be photo-autotrophic or chemo-autotrophic.


The majority of bacteria are heterotrophs which do not synthesize their own food but depend on other organisms or on dead organic matter for food.


Bacteria are further classified Based on their shape:

I.  Spherical – Coccus

ii.  Rod-shaped – Bacillus

iii. Comma-shaped – Vibrium

iv. Spiral – Spirillum


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