Atomic Spectrum : Hydrogen Atom

If an electric discharge is passed through hydrogen gas taken in a discharge tube under low pressure, and the emitted radiation is analysed with the help of spectrograph, it is found to consist of a series of sharp lines in the UV, visible and IR regions. This series of lines is known as line or atomic spectrum of hydrogen. The lines in the visible region can be directly seen on the photographic film.

Each line of the spectrum corresponds to a light of definite wavelength. The entire spectrum consists of six series of lines each series, known after their discoverer as the Balmer, Paschen, Lyman, Brackett, Pfund and Humphrey series. The wavelength of all these series can be expressed by a single formula.

[Note: All lines in the visible region are of Balmer series but the reverse is not true. i.e., all Balmer lines will not fall in the visible region]

The pattern of lines in atomic spectrum is characteristic of hydrogen.

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