Reproduction : Process of formation of Gametes [Male and Female]

# Gametes are haploid.

# Some organisms (like algae) are almost similar (homogametes) and cannot be categorized as male and female gametes.

# Some others gametes are morphologically and physiologically different (heterogametes), and are of two types - antherozoid or sperm (male gamete) and egg or ovum (female gamete).

# Some organisms are both, the sexes are present in the same individual (monoecious or homothallic), and
in others, they are present in two individuals (dioecious or heterothallic).

# In a unisexual flower, the male flower is called staminate and the female flower is called pistillate. Gamete formation takes place by cell division.

# In haploid parents, it is by mitosis; in diploid parents, it is by meiosis, with specialized cells called
meiocytes undergoing meiosis.

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