Uniform Circular Motion

Circular Motion: When an object moves in a circle, it is said to be in a circular motion. That is we can say that motion in a circle is a circular motion. When a body or object moves along a circular path, then its direction of motion or direction of speed keeps changing continuously. So, if an athlete moves with a constant speed along a circular path, then the velocity of the athlete will not be constant because velocity is the speed in a specified direction and here the direction of speed changes continuously. Since, the velocity changes with the continuous change in direction, therefore, the motion along a circular path is said to be accelerated.


Uniform Circular Motion: When a body moves in a circular path with uniform speed or constant speed, its motion is known as Uniform Circular motion. It is possible for a body to move in a circular path with uniform speed as long as it is travelling equal distances in equal intervals of time. But the velocity of the body moving in a circle with uniform speed is not uniform because the direction of motion is constantly changing.



Examples of Uniform Circular Motion:

1. Artificial satellites move in uniform motion around the earth. Therefore, the motion of a satellite around the earth is accelerated.

2. The moon moves in a uniform circular motion around the earth. We know that moon is a natural satellite of the earth.

3. Similarly, we can say that movement of earth around the sun is also a uniform circular motion. So, the motion of earth around the sun is accelerated.

4. The tip of a second’s hand of a watch exhibits uniform circular motion on the circular dial of the watch.

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