First Law Of Motion (Laws Of Motion)

Laws of motion - Lami's Theorem - JEE Mains

Short note on Wave Motion - Simple Harmonic Motion

Law Of Gravitation. - Gravitation

What is Collision. Work energy and Power

What is Energy? Work, Energy and Power.

Work , Energy and Power

Friction Laws Of Friction Laws Of Motion

Friction - Law of Motion

Conservation Of Momentum - Law of motion

Average and Instantaneous Velocity & Speed

Displacement Vs Distance


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Ray Optics - Optical Instrument - What is Simple...

Ray Optics - What is Refraction of Light ?

Ray Optics - What is Magnification?

Ray Optics - Sign Convention, Mirror formula using...

Ray Optics -Reflection from the spherical mirror u...

Rotational Motion


Circular Motion

Fluid Mechanics

Friction in Solids

Work, Energy & Power


Kinematics & Projectile Motion

Scalars and Vectors

Units & Measurements

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Principle and Working of Cyclotron

Quantisation & Conservation of Charge

Logic Gates- Type of Logic Gate, Number System

COULOMB'S LAW - Definition with example.

What is Electric Charge? Explain properties of Cha...

What is NEWTON'S LAW OF GRAVITATION - Concept with...

Redistribution of Charge between Two Capacitors

Sharing of charge, New charge, Common potential an...

Energy of a charged conductor

Parallel plate capacitor


Capacitor – Voltage & Charge on Capacitor, Capaci...

Dielectrics – Polar and Non-Polar Dielectrics

Kinetic Energy

Reflection and Refraction of Light

Avogadro's Law

Gravitational Potential Force

law of inertia

Newton's third law

Centripetal Force & Centrifugal Force

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Characteristics of Sound Waves

Barcode and how is it made?

Uniform Circular Motion

Laws of Floatation

Centre of Buoyancy and Meta Centre


Electrolyte and Nonelectrolyte Solutions

Characteristics of Sound Waves

Important Laws of Physics

Electric conductor, insulator and semiconductor

JEE Advanced 2018 details

Torricelli's Theorem

Bernoulli's theorem

Gear up for the D-Day

Tips From IIT Toppers!

Revised JEE Pattern

National Standard Examination – 2017

IIT Entrance Test -2018

study of the motion

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