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NEET 2021 Updates || Exam on September 12

NTA JEE Main 2021 third session exam updates

How to remember periodic table easily || best tric...

Density of Crystal - Solid State

Reaction of p block - Group 15 element

Thermodynamics - First and second law of thermod...

What is Solid State?Types of solid

Liquid Solutions - strength of solution - Methods...

Mole Concept - Concept of Limiting Reagent - Stoic...

Periodic Properties

Periodic Properties - The Types of Elements

Periodic Properties - Long form of the Periodic Ta...

Periodic Properties - Mendeleef's Periodic Table

Degree of Dissociation (alpha) - Dependence of D...

Alkanes - General Chemical Properties of the Alkan...

Alkanes - Homolytic Bond Dissociation Energies and...

ALKENE - Physical properties of alkane (melting po...

Atom and Nucleus - Formulas

Solid States

Photo Electric Effect

Quantum Mechanical Model of atom

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

Shapes and size of orbitals

Types of Quantum Numbers

Quantum Numbers and Types

Merits and Limitations of Bohr’s theory

Bohr’s Atomic Model

Planck’s Quantum Theory

Atomic Spectrum : Hydrogen Atom

Atomic Spectrum - Absorption and Emission Spectrum

Wavelengths of electromagnetic radiations

Atomic Model Terms

Rutherford’s Model

Thomson’s Model

Characteristics of the Electron, Proton and Neutro...

Dalton’s Atomic Theory

Prepare with the best pre medical institute in Del...

CBSE released sample question paper for 10th-12th...

CBSE: Sample papers released for 10th-12th board

JEE Mains 2020: JEE Mains 2020 official website ch...

NTA NEET 2020 - Click here for NEET 2020 exam pa...

Oxidation and Reduction in terms of Oxidation Numb...

Adsorption and Adsorption in action

Solubility of a Solid in a Liquid

Chemical Nomenclature

Why a Acetanilide a weaker base then P Nitroanilin...

Integrated Rate Laws

Order of Reaction

Rate Law (Dependence of rate on concentration of r...

Chemical reactions and factors affecting Rate

Chemical Reaction: Rate/Velocity, Types of Rates,...

Colloids, Classifications and Examples of each pha...

Alkene - Properties, Nomenclature, Reaction, Isome...

Van't Hoff factor

Methods of Expressing the Concentration of a Solut...

Type of solutions in Liquid Solution

Balancing Chemical Equations

Empirical and Molecular formula

Methods of Preparation of Alchohals

Atoms – Definition, Components and Structure

Third most common gas found in the air we breathe


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