What are printed patches are they good?

Printed patches, also known as dye sublimation patches, are very similar to a photo made out of thread. If the design you’d like to feature on your custom patches is very intricate with a variety of colours, printed patches are probably a great choice. They utilize special dyes that bond to fabric molecules which creates patches that are nearly photographic in quality. Custom patches can be utilized in an infinite number of ways. Whether you’d like to create Velcro dye sublimation patches featuring your logo for your employees’ uniforms, or if you want to create motorcycle name patches for your beer club’s hats, we have you covered. This type of patch allows you to create subtle details in your design that wouldn’t typically be able to be featured on traditional embroidered or woven patches.

Bespoke Patches Design and Analysis of Algorithms 08 May, 2021 59 views

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