A projectile is fired from the ground level with a velocity of 500m/s at 30 degree to horizontal range and greatest hight to which it rises.What is the least speed with which could be projected in order to achieve the same

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A 0.1 kg mass is suspended from a wire of negligible mass. The length of the wire is 1 m and its cross- sectional area is 4.9 × 10–7 m2. If the mass is pulled a little in the vertically downward direction and released, it performs simple harmonic motion of angular frequency 140 rad s–1. If the Young's modulus of the material of the wire is n × 109 Nm–2, the value of n is

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A Constant force f is applied on a particle of mass 'm' which is initially at rest. As the particle starts moving a resistive force -bv begins to act on it.Speed of the particle at any instant of time 't' is?

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