Three distinct points A, B and C are given in the 2–dimensional coordinate plane such that the ratio of the distance of any one of them from the point (1, 0) to the distance from the point (–1, 0) is equal to 1/3 . Then the circumcentre of the triangle ABC is at the point :-

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A screw gauge gives the following reading when used to measure the diameter of a wire.
Main scale reading : 0 mm
Circular scale reading : 52 divisions

Given that 1 mm on main scale corresponds to 100 divisions of the circular scale.

What will be the diameter of wire from the above data?

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A thermally insulated vessel contains an ideal gas of molecular mass M and the ratio of specific heats  It is moving with speed v and is suddenly brought to rest. Assuming no heat is lost to the surroundings, its temperature increases by

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Direction: The question has a paragraph followed by two statements, Statement-1 and Statement-2. Of the given four alternatives after the statements, choose the one that describes the statements.

A thin air film is formed by putting the convex surface of a plane-convex lens over a plane glass plate. With monochromatic light, this film gives an interference pattern due to light reflected from the top (convex) surface and the bottom (glass plate) surface of the film.

Statement-1: When light reflects from the air-glass plate interface, the reflected wave suffers a phase change of p.

Statement-2: The centre of the interference pattern is dark.

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Two particles are executing simple harmonic motion of the same amplitude A and frequency w along the x-axis. Their mean position is separated by distance X0 (X0 > A). If the maximum separation between them is (X0 + A), the phase difference between their motion is

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Let the x–z plane be the boundary between two transparent media. Medium 1 in z ≥ 0 has a refractive index of 2 and medium with z < 0 has a refractive index of . A ray of light in medium 1 given by the vector is incident on the plane of separation. What will be the angle of refraction in medium 2? 

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A thin horizontal circular disc is rotating about a vertical axis passing through its centre. An insect is at rest at a point near the rim of the disc. The insect now moves along a diameter of the disc to reach its other end. During the journey of the insect, what will be the angular speed of the disc? 

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A fully charged capacitor C with initial charge q0 is connected to a coil of self-inductance L at t = 0. What is the time at which the energy is stored equally between the electric and the magnetic fields? 

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Two identical charged spheres suspended from a common point by two massless strings of length l are initially a distance d(d < < l) apart because of their mutual repulsion. The charge begins to leak from both the spheres at a constant rate. As a result the charges approach each other with a velocity v. Then as a function of distance x between them

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Three perfect gases at absolute temperatures T1, T2 and T3 are mixed. The masses of molecules are m1, m2 and m3 and the number of molecules are n1, n2 and n3 respectively. Assuming no loss of energy, the final temperature of the mixture is

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A car is fitted with a convex side-view mirror of focal length 20 cm. A second car 2.8 m behind the first car is overtaking the first car at a relative speed of 15 m s-1. The speed of the image of the second car as seen in the mirror of the first one is

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