A man throws balls with the same speed vertically upwards, one after the other at an interval of 2 seconds. What should be the speed of the throw so that more than two balls are in the sky at any time? (Given g = 9.8 m/s2)

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A stone is dropped from a minar of height h and it reaches after t seconds on earth. From the same minar if two stones are thrown (one upwards and other downwards) with the same velocity u and they reach the earth surface after t1 and t2 seconds respectively, then

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The first two terms of a geometric progression add up to 12. The sum of the third and the fourth terms is 48. If the terms of the geometric progression are alternately positive and negative, then the first term is

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A car starts moving rectilinearly, first with acceleration 5 m/s^2 (the initial velocity is equal to zero), then uniformly , and finaly , decelerating at the same rate, comes to stop.Total time of motion equals to 25 sec . The avg velocity during that time is equal to 72 km/hr .How long does the car move uniformly?

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Number of particles crossing unit area perpendicular to X-axis in unit time is given by 

n = 

are number of particles per unit volume in the position x1 and x2. Find dimensions of D called as diffusion constant

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An object is dropped from the top of the tower of height 156.8 m and the same time another object is thrown vertically upward with velocity of 78.1 mm/s from the foot of the tower, find when and where two object meet?

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