A parallel plate capacitor has a capacitance C and charge Q. Another plate is inserted in between the plates of the capacitor at the center and is connected by a long wire to another far off spherical conductor of radius R. What is the potential difference between the edge of the sphere and one of the outer plates ?

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While measuring the speed of sound by performing a resonance column experiment, a student gets
the first resonance condition at a column length of 18 cm during winter. Repeating the same
experiment during summer, she measures the column length to be x cm for the second resonance.

(1) 18 > x
(2) x >54
(3) 54 > x > 36
(4) 36 > x > 18

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Amount of oxalic acid present in a solution can be determined by its titration with KMnO4 solution in the presence of H2SO4. The titration gives unsatisfactory result when carried out in the presence of HCl, because HCl

(1) gets oxidised by oxalic acid to chlorine
(2) furnishes H+ ions in addition to those from oxalic acid
(3) reduces permanganate to Mn2+
(4) oxidises oxalic acid to carbon dioxide and water

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At 80 C, the vapour pressure of pure liquid ‘A’ is 520 mm Hg and that of pure liquid ‘B’ is 1000 mm
Hg. If a mixture solution of ‘A’ and ‘B’ boils at 80 C and 1 atm pressure, the amount of ‘A’ in the mixture is (1 atm = 760 mm Hg)

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A man saves Rs. 200 in each of the first three months of his service. In each of the subsequent months his saving increases by Rs. 40 more than the saving of immediately previous month. His total saving from
the start of service will be Rs. 11040 after?

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A car is fitted with a convex side-view mirror of focal length 20cm. A second car 2.8 m behind the first car is overtaking the first car at relative speed of 15 m/s. The speed of the image of the second car as seen in the mirror of the first one is?

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