At a telephone enquiry system the number of phone calls regarding relevant enquiry follow Poisson distribution with a average of 5 phone calls during 10­minute time intervals. The probability that there is at the most one phone call during a 10­minute time period is?

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 Select the statement which explains best parasitism.
(a) One organism is benefited.
(b) Both the organisms are benefited.
(c) One organism is benefited, other is not affected.
(d) One organism is benefited, other is affected.

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Write a short note on
(a) Adaptations of desert plants and animals
(b) Adaptations of plants to water scarcity
(c) Behavioural adaptations in animals
(d) Importance of light to plants
(e) Effect of temperature or water scarcity and the adaptations of animals.

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Benzene and toluene form nearly ideal solutions. At 20°C, the vapour pressure of benzene is 75 torr and that of toluene is 22 torr. The partial vapour pressure of benzene at 20°C for a solution containing 78 g of benzene and 46 g of toluene in torr is

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An organic liquid with sweet smell and 78°C contains C, H and O. On heating with conc. H2SO4 gives a gaseous product (B) of empirical formula (CH2)n. Compound (B) decolourises bromine water and alk. KMnO4. (B) also reacts with one mole of H2 in presence of Ni. What are (A) and (B)?

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Although both polymers are prepared by free radical processes, poly (vinyl chloride) is amorphous and poly (vinylidene chloride) (saran) is highly crystallilne. How do you account for the different? (vinylidene chloride is 1,1- dichloroethene).

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