A beam of unpolarised light of intensity I0 is passed through a polaroid A and then through another polaroid B which is oriented so that its principal plane makes an angle of 45° relative to that of A. The intensity of the emergent light is :

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A diode detector is used to detect an amplitude modulated wave of 60% modulation by using a condenser of capacity 250 pico farad in parallel with a load resistance 100 kilo ohm. Find the maximum modulated frequency which could be detected by it.

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A sonometer wire of length 1.5 m is made of steel. The tension in it produce an elastic strain of 1%. What is the fundamental frequency of steel if density and elasticity of steel are 7.7 × 103 kg / m3 and 2.2 × 1011 N/m2 respectively ?

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A uniform cylinder of length L and mass M having cross - sectional area A is suspended, with its length vertical, from a fixed point by a massless spring, such that it is half submerged in a liquid of density σ at equilibrium position. The extension x0 of the spring when it is in equilibrium is :

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A Wikipedia article is all you need to steer yourself clear from falling prey to defamation. Think about it; create a Wikipedia article is free of cost and open to just about everyone. If you don't create a page about your brand, someone else will! Rivals are known to pull such tactics so it is better you do the honors yourself. In case you already have your name published on the global encyclopedia, you can create your account and edit the information. The fact that it lets you edit articles that were published makes it all the more convenient to cancel out unverified information against you or your brand. Isn't that great?

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