A conducting square loop of side L and resistance R moves in its plane with a uniform velocity v perpendicular to one of its sides. A magnetic induction B constant in time and space, pointing perpendicular and into the plane at the loop exists everywhere with half the loop outside the field, as shown in figure. The induced emf is :

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At a specific instant emission of radioactive compound is deflected in a magnetic field. The compound can emit:

(i) electrons          (ii) protons

(iii) He2+               (iv) neutrons

The emission at the instant can be :

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Wires 1 and 2 carrying currents i1, and i2 respectively are inclined at an  to each other. What is the force on a small element dl of wire 2 at a distance r from wire 1 (as shown in figure) due to the magnetic field of wire 1?

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One end of massless rope, which passes over a massless and frictionless pulley P is tied to a hook C while the other end is free. Maximum tension that the rope can bear is 360 N.

With what value of maximum safe acceleration (in ms-2) can a man of 60 kg climb on the rope?

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When a cross in made between tall plants with yellow seeds (TtYy) and tall plant with
green seed (TtYy), what proportions of phenotype in the offspring could be expected to be
(a) Tall and green.
(b) Dwarf and green.

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