a stationary obj at 4 deg cal and weighing 3.5kg falls from height of 2000 m on snow mountain at 0 degc if temp of obj just hitting snow is 0 deg and obj comes to rest immediately obj melt at (latent heat of ice=3.5*10^5 j/s)

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A block of mass m is placed on an another rough block of mass M and both are moving horizontally with same acceleration a due to a force which is applied on the lower block, then work done by lower block on the upper block in moving a distance s will be?

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A particle is projected with a speed u in air at angle θ with the horizontal. The particle explodes at the highest point of its path into two equal fragments, one of the fragments moving up straight with a speed u. The difference in time in which the two particle fall on the ground is (Assume it is at a height H at the time of explosion)

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If inside a big circle exactly 24 small circles, each of radius 2, can be drawn in such a way that each small circle touches the big circle and also touches both its adjacent small circles, then radius of the big circle is?

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Two particles of mass M = 3 kg each are kept on a horizontal circular platform on two mutually perpendicular radii at equal distance R = 1 m from the centre of the table. The particles are connected with a string, which is just taught when the platform is not rotating. Coefficient of friction between the platform and block is  = 0.1. Then the maximum angular speed ( in rad/sec) of platform about its centre so that the blocks remain stationary relative to platform. (take g = 10 m/s2)

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A spring is compressed between two blocks of masses m1 and m2 placed on a horizontal frictionless surface. When the blocks are released. The blocks travel distance x1 and x2 respectively before coming to rest. The ratio x1/x2 is?

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