Two particles of mass M = 3 kg each are kept on a horizontal circular platform on two mutually perpendicular radii at equal distance R = 1 m from the centre of the table. The particles are connected with a string, which is just taught when the platform is not rotating. Coefficient of friction between the platform and block is  = 0.1. Then the maximum angular speed ( in rad/sec) of platform about its centre so that the blocks remain stationary relative to platform. (take g = 10 m/s2)

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A spring is compressed between two blocks of masses m1 and m2 placed on a horizontal frictionless surface. When the blocks are released. The blocks travel distance x1 and x2 respectively before coming to rest. The ratio x1/x2 is?

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it takes 2s for a sound wave to travel b/w 2 fixed points when day temp is 10deg cal if temp rise to 30 deg cal sound wave travels b/w same fixed points

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A uniform solid hemisphere of radius 10 m and mass 64 kg is placed with its curved surface on the smooth horizontal surface and a string AB of length 4m is attached to point A on its rim as shown in the figure. Find the tension in the string if hemisphere is in equilibrium.

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A uniform rod of mass M and length L is free to rotate about a frictionless pivot located L/3 from one end. The rod is released from rest incrementally away from being perfectly vertical, resulting in the rod rotating clockwise about the pivot. When the rod is horizontal, what is the magnitude of the tangential acceleration of its center of mass?

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A triangular frame consists of three identical rods, each of mass m and length l. It rests upright on a horizontal smooth surface with its lower right corner against a stop about which the frame could pivot. A horizontal force of magnitude F is applied to the upper corner of the frame as shown in the figure. What is the largest value of F may have without causing the frame to pivot upward about the stop?


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A uniform, solid cylinder having mass M and radius R is pulled by a horizontal force F acting through the center as shown. The cylinder rolls to the right without slipping. What is the magnitude of the force of friction between the cylinder and the ground?

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A parachutist drops freely from an aeroplane for 8s before the parachute opens out.then he descends with a retardation of 2ms reaching the ground with a velocity of 6ms.find the height from which he falls

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A ball of density p0 falls from rest from point P onto the surface of a liquid of density p0 in time T. It enters the liquid stops moves up and returns to P in a total time 3T. Neglect viscosity, surface tension and splashing. The ratio p/p0 is equal to

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