Two blocks of masses 6kg and 4kg connected by a  rope of mass 4 kg are resting on frictionless floor as shown. If a constant force of 21 Newton is applied to 6 kg block, tension (In N) in the rope at point B is (CB : BA = 1 : 1)

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The electron of hydrogen atom was excited from ground state to a higher orbit. During de-excitation of the electron, photons of six different wavelengths were emitted. If each photon forms a spectral line, how many spectral line will be visible to naked eye?

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For the estimation of nitrogen, 1.4 g of an organic compound was digested by Kjeldahl method and the evolved ammonia was absorbed in 60 mL of M/10 sulphuric acid. The unreacted acid required 20 mL of M/10 sodium hydroxide for complete neutralization. The percentage of nitrogen in the compound is ?

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A parallel plate capacitor is made of two circular plates separated by a distance of 5 mm and with a dielectric of dielectric constant 2.2 between them. When the electric field in the dielectric is 10000 V/m, the charge density of the positive plate will be close to

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The mi of a rod abt an axis through its axis and perpendicular to it is 1/12ml^2 the rod bent in middle so that 2 halves make angle 60 mi of bent rod abt same axis is

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a square is made by joining 4 rods each of mass m and length its mi abt an axis pq in its plane and is passing through 1 of its end

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The equilibrium constant of the reaction CH3COOH (l)+C2H5OH (l)=CH3COOC2H5+H2O is 4.if one mole of each of acetic acid and ethyl alcohol are heated in presence of little concentrated H2SO4 at equilibrium the amount of ester present is

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 an elemental crystal has a density of 8570kgm3 the packing efficiency is 0.68 if closest distance b/w neighbouring atom is 2.86 angstrom the mass of 1 atom

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A bird is sitting on the top of a vertical pole 20 m high and its elevation from a point O on the ground is 45°. It flies off horizontally straight away from the point O. After one second, the elevation of the bird from O is reduced to 30°. Then the speed (in m/s) of the bird is?

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There is a circular tube in a vertical plane. Two liquids which do not mix and of densities d1 and d2 are filled in the tube. Each liquid subtends 90° angle at centre. Radius joining their interface makes an angle α with vertical. Ratio of d1/d2

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From a tower of height H, a particle is thrown vertically upwards with a speed U. The time taken by the particle, to hit the ground, is n times that taken by it to reach the highest point of its path. The relation between H, u and n is ?

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