Vapour pressure of chloroform (CHCl3) and dichloromethane (CH2Cl2) at 298 K are 200 mm Hg and 415 mm Hg respectively. (i) Calculate the vapour pressure of the solution prepared by mixing 25.5 g of CHCl3 and 40 g of H2Cl2 at 298 K and, (ii) mole fractions of each component in vapour phase.

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If N2 gas is bubbled through water at 293 K, how many millimoles of N2 gas would dissolve in 1 litre of water. Assume that N2 exerts a partial pressure of 0.987 bar. Given that Henry’s law constant for N2 at 293 K is
76.48 kbar.

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a mass of 3kg descending vertically downward supports a mass 2 kg by means of light string passing over a pulley at end of 5 sec the string breaks how much higher 2kg mass will go

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In a uniform electric field, a cube of side 1 cm is placed. The total energy stored in the cube is 8.85μJ. The electric field is parallel to four of the faces of the cube. The electric flux through any one of the remaining two faces is.

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Suppose that two heat engines are connected in series, such that the heat exhaust of the first engine is used as the heat input of the second engine as shown in figure. The efficiencies of the engines are n1 and n2, respectively. The net efficiency of the combination is given by?

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A magnet is suspended in such a way when it oscillates in the horizontal plane. It makes 20 oscillations per minute at a place where dip angle is 30 and 15 oscillations per min at a place where dip angle is 60 . Find the ratio of the total earth's magnetic field at the two places?

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A simple pendulum is suspended in a lift which 5. is going up with an acceleration 5 m/s^2. An electric field of magnitude 5 N/C and directed vertically upward is also present in the lift. The charge of the bob is 1 mC and mass is 1 mg. Taking g =  and length of the simple pendulum 1m, the time period of the simple pendulum is

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X-ray diffraction studies show that copper crystallises in an fcc unit cell with cell edge of 3.608×10-8 cm. In a separate experiment, copper is determined to have a density of 8.92 g/cm3, calculate the atomic mass of copper

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A number consists of three digits which are in G.P. the sum of the right hand and left hand digits exceeds twice the middle digit by 1 and the sum of the left hand and middle digits is two third of the sum of the middle and right hand digits. Find the numbers?

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