A copper wire has a diameter of 2mm. The wire carries a constant current 3A. Assuming the density of electrons to be 8.5*10^28 m^-3. Find the magnitude of a.current density and b.drift velocity?

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Nowadays, more and more Gmail users are move towards to Office 365. Office 365 is High-level security service and feature rich application and suitable for enterprise-level uses. But the major issue arises when the user is not able to find the simple and reliable way to move from Gmail Migration to Office 365. Therefore, I am going to explain a complete guide to move Gmail to Office 365.


EdbMails Gmail Migration to Office 365 (Recommended)

Most of the users, it becomes the complicated task to perform the manual procedure correctly. Therefore, it Is recommended option for an automated solution EdbMails Gmail Migration to Office 365 Software tool for secured Migration. And this software User can migrate emails of Gmail account to Office 365 in just a few clicks.

Features of Gmail to Office 365 Migration:

Import Gmail to Office 365 Securely
Advance Filter Option
100% safe and secure Migration
User friendly interface
Support Multiple Languages

Know More: IMAP Email Migration 

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yellow dust appears on the fingers, whenever we touch the middle of a flower. These tiny yellow grains are one of the most precious substances in nature because they contain the secret of plant life.  What is this dust called?

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A ring is rotated about diametric axis in a uniform magnetic field perpendicular to the plane of the ring. If initially the plane of the ring is perpendicular to the magnetic field. Find the instant of time at which EMF will be maximum & minimum respectively?

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Two sources of sound moving with same speed v and emitting frequency of 1400 Hz are moving such that one source s1 is moving towards the observer and s2 is moving away from observer. If observer hears beat frequency of 2 Hz. Then find the speed of source. Given

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The surface mass density of a disc of radius a varies with radial distance as

where A & B are positive constants then moment of inertia of the disc about an axis passing through its centre and perpendicular to the plane

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A is one of 6 horses entered for a race and is to be ridden by one of two jokceys B and C.It is 2 to 1 that B rides A, in which case all the horses are equally likely to win .If C rides A, his chances of winning is trippled . what are the odds against winning of A?

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