An open glass tube is immersed in mercury in such a way that a length of 8 cm extends above the mercury level. The open end of the tube is then closed and sealed and the tube is raised vertically up by additional 46 cm. What will be length of the air column above mercury in the tube now?

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Rita performs two set of experiments to study the length of the foam formed which are as follows:
Set I: she takes 10 ml of distilled water in test tube “A” and adds 5-6 drops of liquid soap in it and shakes the test tube vigorously.
Set II: she takes 10 ml of distilled water in a test tube “A” and adds 5-6 drops of liquid soap with half spoonful of CaSO 4 in it and shakes the test tube. Write your observation and reason

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A box of mass m is initially at rest on a horizontal surface. A constant horizontal force of mg/2 is applied to the box directed to the right. The coefficient of friction of the surface changes with the distance pushed as µ = µ0x where x is the distance from the initial location. For what distance is the box pushed until it comes to rest again?

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The mean lives of a radioactive sample are 30 years and 60 years for alpha-emission and beta–emission respectively. If the sample decays both by alpha–emission and beta–emission simultaneously, the time after which, only one-fourth of the sample remain is 

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A 200 mL of solution of I2 is divided into two unequal parts. I part reacts with hypo solution in acidic medium, 30 ml of 0.2 M hypo was consumed, II part was added with 50 mL of 0.6 M NaOH solution. What was the initial concentration of I2.

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A spherical conductor of radius 3 m is charged to a potential of 90 V. It is now placed inside another hollow spherical conductor of radius 6 m. Calculate the potential of bigger sphere if the smaller sphere is made to touch the bigger sphere?

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A bag contains 50 tickets, numbered from 1 to 50. One ticket is drawn at random. What is the probability that

(i) number on the ticket is a perfect square or divisible by 3 ?

(ii) number on the ticket is prime number or greater than 40 ?

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A mass (M) is split into two parts (m) and (M–m). Which are then separated by a certain distance. What ratio m M will maximise the gravitational force between the parts ?A mass (M) is split into two parts (m) and (M–m). Which are then separated by a certain distance. What ratio m/ M will maximise the gravitational force between the parts ?

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Two stationary particles of masses M1 and M2 are at a distance 'd' apart. A third particle lying on the line joining the particles, experiences no resultant gravitational forces. What is the distance of this particle from M1 ?

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A problem in statistics is given to three students A, B and C. Their chances of solving the problem are 1/3, 1/4 and 1/5 respectively. If all of them try independently, what is the probability that?

  1. (i)  problem is not solved ?
  2. (ii)  problem is solved ?
  3. (iii)  exactly two students solve the problems

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An electrical cable of copper has just one wire of radius 9 mm. Its resistance is 5 ohm. This single copper wire of the cable is replaced by 6 different well insulated copper wires each of radius 3 mm. The total resistance of the cable will now be equal to?

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A short bar magnet with its north pole facing north forms a neutral point at P in the horizonatal plane. If the magnet is rotated by 90° in the horizontal plane, the net magnetic induction at P is (Horizontal component of earth's magnetic field = BH )

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