A particle performs S.H.M. of amplitude A along a straight line. At two positions of the particle, the ratio of speeds is 1/2 and that of potential energy is 1/2 also. Then one position of them (distance from mean position) nearest to the extreme is :

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A particle is projected from ground with an initial velocity 20 m/sec making an angle 60° with horizontal. If R1 and R2 are radius of curvatures of the particle at point of projection and highest point respectively,find the value of R1/R2?

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The bob of a simple pendulum is a spherical hollow ball filled with water. A plugged hole near the bottom of the oscillating bob gets suddenly unplugged. During observation, till water is coming out, the time period of oscillation would?

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A coin is placed on a horizontal platform which undergoes vertical simple harmonic motion of angular frequency w. The amplitude of oscillation is gradually increased. The coin will leave contact with the platform for the first time

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Two protons of equal kinetic energies enter a region of uniform magnetic field. The
first proton enters normal to the field direction while the second enters at 30 degree to the field direction. Name the trajectories followed by them.

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if a dielectric slab of a thickness t and area A is inserted in between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor of plate area A and distance between the plates d (d>t) then find out capacitance of system?What do you predict about the dependence of capacitance on location of slab?

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State Huygens Principle. Using the geometrical construction of secondary wavelets, explain the refraction of a plane wavefront incident at a plane surface. Hence verify the Snell’s law. Illustrate with the help of a diagram the action of (i) Convex lens and (ii) concave mirror on a plane wavefront incident on it.

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Define capacitance. Derive an expression for the capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor. How will the capacitance of the capacitor be affected if a conducting slab of some thickness is partially filled in the space between two plates.

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At night approximately 500 photons per second must enter an unaided human eye for an object to be seen. A light bulb emits about photons per second uniformly in all directions. The radius of the pupil of the eye is about 

meters. What is the maximum distance from which the bulb could be seen?

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In a car race sound signals emitted by the two cars are detected by the detectors on the straight track at the end point of the race. Frequency observed are 330 Hz and 360 Hz and the original frequency is 300 Hz of both cars. Race ends with the separation of 100m between the cars. Assume both cars move with constant velocity and velocity of sound is 330 m/s. Find the time (in second) taken by wining car?

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