A charge is distributed uniformly over a ring of radius a.Obtain an expression for electric intensity E at a point on the axis of the ring.Hence show that for the points at large distance from the ring, it behave like a point charge.

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Lady bird (Beetle with red and black marking) is used as biological control of ?

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A parallel plate condenser with a dielectric of dielectric constant K between the plates has a capacity C and is charged to a potential V volt. The dielectric slab is slowly removed from between the plates and then reinserted. The net work done by the system in this process is

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 An electrical cable of copper has just one wire of radius 9mm. Its resistance is 5 ohm. This single copper wire of the cable is replaced by 6 different well insulated copper wires each of radius 3 mm. The total resistance of the cable will now be equal to?

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In Young's double slit experiment, one of the slit is wider than other, so that amplitude of the light from one slit is double of that from other slit. If  be the maximum intensity, the resultant intensity I when they interfere at phase difference f is given by

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Kepler’s second law states that the radius vector to a planet from the sun sweeps out equal areas in equal intervals of time.

This law is a consequence of the conservation of: (a) Time (b) Mass (c) Angular momentum (d) Linear momentum

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A doctor is called to see a sick child. The doctor has prior information that 80% of sick children in that area have the flu, while the other 20% are sick with measles. Assume that there is no other disease in that area. A well-known symptom of measles is a rash. From the past records it is known that, chances of having rashes given that sick child is suffering from measles is 0.95. However, occasionally children with flu also develop rash, whose chances are 0.08. Upon examining the child, the doctor finds a rash. What is the probability that the child has measles?

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A school has four sections of chemistry in class XII having40, 35, 45 and 42 students. The mean marks obtained inChemistry test are 50, 60, 55 and 45 respectively for the four sections, the over all average of marks per students is?

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