A doctor is called to see a sick child. The doctor has prior information that 80% of sick children in that area have the flu, while the other 20% are sick with measles. Assume that there is no other disease in that area. A well-known symptom of measles is a rash. From the past records it is known that, chances of having rashes given that sick child is suffering from measles is 0.95. However, occasionally children with flu also develop rash, whose chances are 0.08. Upon examining the child, the doctor finds a rash. What is the probability that the child has measles?

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A school has four sections of chemistry in class XII having40, 35, 45 and 42 students. The mean marks obtained inChemistry test are 50, 60, 55 and 45 respectively for the four sections, the over all average of marks per students is?

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A ball is thrown upward with initial velocity v0 = 15.0 m/s atan angle of 30° with the horizontal. The thrower stands nearthe top of a long hill which slopes downward at an angle of20°. When does the ball strike the slope ?

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A small mass slides down a fixed inclined plane of inclination with the horizontal. 

The coefficient of friction is where x is the distance through which the mass slides down
and  is a constant. Then the speed is maximum after the mass covers a distance of?

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A mass m hangs with the help of a string wrapped around a pulley on a frictionless bearing. The pulley has mass m and radius R. Assuming pulley to be a perfect uniform circular disc, the acceleration of the mass m, if the string does not slip on the pulley, is?

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A car, starting from rest, accelerates at the rate f through a distance s, then continues at constant speed for time t and then decelerates at the rate f/2 to come to rest. If the total distance traversed
is 15 s, then what will be the value of s?

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