Let PQ be a focal chord of the parabola  

The tangents to the parabola at P and Q meet at a point lying on the line y = 2x + a, a > 0.

1.Length of chord PQ is?

2.If chord PQ subtends an angle θ at the vertex of y2 = 4ax, then tanθ =

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If a chord is not ahttps://www.innovayz.com/questions-answers/question-detail?q_code=114&q_detail=If+a+chord%2C+which+is+not+a+tangent%2C+of+the+parabola+y2+%3D+16x+has+the+equation+2x+%2B+y+%3D+p%2C+and+midpoint+%28h%2C+k%29%2C+then+what+is%28are%29+possible+value%28s%29+of+p%2C+h+and+k+%3F+

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