A vessel contains a mixture of milk and water in the respective ratio of 10 : 3. Twenty-six litre of this mixture was taken out and replaced with 8 litre of water. If the resultant respective ratio of milk and water in the mixture was 5 : 2, what was the initial quantity of mixture in the vessel ? (in litre)

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The cost price of item B is Rs. 150/- more than the cost price of item A. Item A was sold at a profit of 10% and item B was sold at a loss of 20%. If the respective ratio of selling prices of items A and B is 11 : 12, what is the cost price of item B?

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A parallel plate capacitor of capacitance 10 is connected to a emf 10 volt and fully charged. Now a dielectric slab (k = 3) of thickness equal to the gap between the plates, is completely filled in (slowly)the gap, keeping the cell connected. During the filling process?

(a) The increase in charge on the capacitor is 200

(b) The heat produced is zero

(c) Energy supplied by the cell = increase in stored potential energy + work done on the person who is filling the dielectric slab.

(d) Energy supplied by the cell = increase in stored potential energy + work done on the person who is filling the dielectric slab + heat produced

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An electron of mass  initially at rest moves through a certain distance in a uniform electric field in time t1. A proton of mass  also initially at rest takes time t2 to move through an equal distance in this uniform electric field. Neglecting the effect of gravity, the ratio t2/t1 is nearly equal to

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 The variation of specific heat capacity (C) of a solid as a function of temperature (T). The temperature is increased continuously from 0 to 500 K at a constant rate. Ignoring any volume change, the following statement(s) is (are) correct to a reasonable approximation.


(A) The rate at which heat is absorbed in the range 0-100 K varies linearly with temperature T.


(B) Heat absorbed in increasing the temperature from 0-100 K is less than the heat required for increasing the temperature from 400-500 K.

(C) There is no change in the rate of heat absorption in the range 400-500 K.


(D) The rate of heat absorption increases in the range 200-300 K.

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A steady current I flows along an infinitely long hollow cylindrical conductor of radius R. This cylinder is placed coaxially inside an infinite solenoid of radius 2R. The solenoid has n turns per unit length and carries a steady current I. Consider a point P at a distance r from the common axis. The correct statement(s) is (are)


(A) In the region 0 < r < R, the magnetic field is non-zero


(B) In the region R < r < 2R, the magnetic field is along the common axis


(C) In the region R < r < 2R, the magnetic field is tangential to the circle of radius r, centered on the axis


(D) In the region r > 2R, the magnetic field is non-zero

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Based on the statements given here choose the correct answer.

P.Gases can be cooled and converted into liquid below its critical temperature by increasing the pressure on it.

Q.Above the critical temperature, a gas (vapour) can not be liquefied however great the pressure it is subjected to

(A)Both P and Q are true and Q explain P

(B)Both P and Q are the true but Q cannot explains P

(C)Only P is true

(D)Q is true

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A point charge Q is moving in a circular orbit of radius R in the x-y plane with an angular velocity ω. This can

be considered as equivalent to a loop carrying a steady current Q2ωπ. A uniform magnetic field along the positive

z-axis is now switched on, which increases at a constant rate from 0 to B in one second. Assume that the radius of the orbit remains constant. The application of the magnetic field induces an emf in the orbit. The induced emf is defined as the work done by an induced electric field in moving a unit positive charge around a closed loop. It is known that, for an orbiting charge, the magnetic dipole moment is proportional to the angular momentum with a proportionality constant γ.

Question : The change in the magnetic dipole moment associated with the orbit, at the end of the time interval of the magnetic field change, is?

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A thermal power plant produces electric power of 600 kW at 4000 V, which is to be transported to a place 20 km away from the power plant for consumers' usage. It can be transported either directly with a cable of large current carrying capacity or by using a combination of step-up and step-down transformers at the two ends. The drawback of the direct transmission is the large energy dissipation. In the method using transformers, the dissipation is much smaller. In this method , a step-up transformer is used at the plant side so that the current is reduced to a smaller value. At the consumers' end, a step-down transformer is used to supply power to the consumers at the specified lower voltage. It is reasonable to assume that the power cable is purely resistive and the transformers are ideal with power factor unity. All the currents and voltages mentioned are rms values.

Question : 

If the direct transmission method with a cable of resistance 0.4 Ω km–1 is used, the power dissipation (in %) during transmission is?

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Let PQ be a focal chord of the parabola  

The tangents to the parabola at P and Q meet at a point lying on the line y = 2x + a, a > 0.

1.Length of chord PQ is?

2.If chord PQ subtends an angle θ at the vertex of y2 = 4ax, then tanθ =

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If a chord is not ahttps://www.innovayz.com/questions-answers/question-detail?q_code=114&q_detail=If+a+chord%2C+which+is+not+a+tangent%2C+of+the+parabola+y2+%3D+16x+has+the+equation+2x+%2B+y+%3D+p%2C+and+midpoint+%28h%2C+k%29%2C+then+what+is%28are%29+possible+value%28s%29+of+p%2C+h+and+k+%3F+

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