A factory makes nuts and bolts. A nut takes 1.5 hrs of machine time and 3 hrs of worker’s time in its making while a bolt takes 3 hrs of machine time and 1 hr of worker’s time. In a day, the factory has the availability of not more than 42 hrs of machine time and 24 hrs of worker’s time. If the profit on a nut is Rs. 20 and on a bolt is Rs. 10, find the number of nuts and bolts the factory should manufacture to earn maximum profit.

Make it as L.P.P and solve it graphically.

Devendra Yadav Maths 13 Feb, 2018 1 Answer 102 views

You overheard your mother telling an expecting mother to avoid breastfeeding the newly born for first two three days after birth as the yellowish fluid secreted by the mother is a waste fluid and should be discarded. Will you support your mother’s opinion?

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