A crystalline solid of a pure substance has a face-centred cubic structure with a cell edge of 400 pm. If the density of the substance in the crystal is 8 g cm-3, then the number of atoms present in 256 g of the crystal is N × 1024. The value of N?

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Two balls are dropped to the ground from different heights. One ball is dropped 2s after the other but they both strike the ground at the same time. If the first ball takes 5s to reach the ground, then the difference in initial heights is (g = 10 ms–2) 40

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Mr. Sharma and Mr. Arora are family friends and they decided to go for a trip with family . For the trio they reserved their rail tickets . Mr. Arora has not taken a half ticket for his child who is 6 years old where as Mr, Sharma has taken half tickets for his two children who are 6 year and 8.5 year.A railway half ticket costs half of the full fare but the reservation charges are the same as on a FULL TICKET. MR AND MRS ARORA PAID 1700,WHILE MR AND MRS SHARMA PAID 2700. Find the full share of one ticket and reservation charges per ticket.

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