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This very easy to use feature gives the teacher the option of creating a group and students being able to join the said group. Usually, online learning typically is more of a one on one; go at your own individual pace with the learning thing. With the group feature, a little bit of the traditional classroom learning model is slightly imbibed. Group learning and interaction provides an opportunity for both teacher and students to connect quickly and ensure that everyone is carried along. the teacher can create and provide a group of students taking the same course a mock test at a go, and these students would take these tests along with the rest of the students in the group.

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These tests are designed to help you discover your skills, and in which areas they lie. Browse through our collection of tests, take whichever one you like, and check your results to find out what your strong points are. If you have any questions, you can head to the Community, where expert members will answer them for you.

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