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We have a Vision and Mission of totally differentiating our brand on multiple fronts. We want to make a drastic departure from the culture of ‘Quick Fix’ and ‘Short Cuts’ and instead build an organization that imparts ‘Enduring Capabilities’ to our students. Currently, the IIT-NEET coaching outfits are plagued with chronic problems such as – low trust, no shared vision and values, misalignment and even disempowerment. We at Radhasai believe that Preparation for competitive exams is not just about breaking free from the set patterns humdrum ; also its not about quick fix aspirin tablets to subside the pain just for a few hours But it is to set sail on unchartered waters with a single minded zeal to doubly ensure full potential is achieved. Our Teaching Experts and Mentors know what exactly competition is all about and through constant observation of the type of errors the students commit, they ensure that they are ironed out on a continual rather than sporadic basis.


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