Revised JEE Pattern

Our courses address the above needs appropriately. At PACE junior colleges a student prepares for boards, Competitive Examinations and develops a good resume for Education Abroad through various extra-curricular activities and project works. This makes learning @ PACE very holistic and makes our approach unique, giving our students an edge over the rest.


PACE Advantage in the New JEE Pattern
  • Best faculty with years of experience in Engineering domain duly trained as per the new JEE pattern
  • Excellent & Comprehensive Study Material concised as per the specific revised JEE exam pattern
  • Rigorous testing and assessment system with detailed performance analysis as per the JEE paper pattern
  • Small Batch size with lowest students teacher ratio
  • Individual attention to all students separately in our doubt-solving sessions in the library
  • The only Institute to provide Lecture DVDs on all topics by the best professors
  • Special sessions on effective time management & stress management
  • Topic-wise tests after completion of each topic followed by revision lectures
  • Hostel facility available for outstation students
  • Opportunity to compete with top rankers from the most reputed schools who currently studying with us
  • Completely Student-centric approach with regular feedback system


The New JEE Pattern
  • We are the biggest beneficiaries of the New JEE Pattern as WE ARE THE ONLY ENTITY IN MAHARASHTRA TO HAVE OUR OWN JUNIOR SCIENCE COLLEGES
  • Years before this new revised pattern PACE had been giving equal emphasis to the Board and Competitive Exams preparation through innovative 'Integrated Approach'.

At PACE we have always encouraged our students to prepare for the Board exam along with the IIT-JEE. This has been our approach right from inception, which ultimately evolved into the 'Integrated Approach' nearly a decade ago. We have always believed that, if nurtured meticulously, the talent of the child will get reflected in every exam, may it be a public exam, or a Competitive Exam. The culmination of our innovative 'Integrated Approach' and the core values of PACE into the 8 PACE Junior Science College made us more 'Child-centric and more conducive to achieve fabulous results. This is quite evident from our 484 selections in IIT-JEE'12. On the HSC front too PACE Junior Science Colleges have proved to be the best with 100% results with Maharashtra toppers in Maths, E.M. and C.S.