So you are ready to face your exam? Or, aren’t you…? Exam stress can make a student so perplexed at times that it takes a toll on their performance big time! Mostly it is due to lack of planning in entrance exam preparation or inappropriate temperament for facing the exam situation. There are some students, who are not regular in their engineering preparations, but facing the exam gets the better of them.

Both types of examinees – the haphazard student or the temperamentally lacking dream of an enexam in which their year-long labour bore fruits in the form of the result they wanted. It involves a judicious mix of being strict with yourself and allowing for the stress buster activities. Forget all about how screwed up your previous effort was and look forward to give your best with focus and determination. Especially if you are looking to crack any of the high level engineering entrance exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, Medical Entrance, CAT or any other, only an all bases covered well-planned approach will do.

Plan and stick to It :

It is often the case with some students that they are not realistic about setting goals when they plan for their engineering exam preparation. They make a lot of schedules but they aren’t able to stick to it because they don’t realize the value of the time and they don’t know how much time required for preparing a particular subject. A good way to guard against this is to allow a month or so on in gauging your level of comprehension in particular subjects. Seek help from your teachers and successful examinees of previous years in determining how tough the particular topics are. Since you are planning for a year, few months are gone in knowing your strengths. It is not a bad bargain for drawing up a roadmap for successful exam, i.e. a practicable exam preparation plan.

Prepare Smartly :

Some students make the mistake of devoting too much time for their favorite’s subjects whereas they avoid those in which they do not have much interest. That is not the way to go. Another common mistake is not trying to use some easy to understand memory tricks and convenient learning methods while being steadfast in working hard to master some topics. Go to some top websites that offer good engineering study tips on mnemonics and ask your seniors on how they mastered the seemingly difficult topics easily.

Take Guidance from your Teachers and good students :

The guidance of teachers and successful examinees can never be underestimated. Only they can help you out of troubled waters in exam preparation. You can not only take help from them for clearing your doubts, but you can also draw inspiration from their success.

Relax and De Stress :

Success always comes to happy people. Anxiety takes a heavy charge of the capabilities of your brain. So try to analyze the trend of thoughts which do more harmful than good and shirk them from your mind whenever they come up. Relaxation through sports, breathing exercises, watching your favorites show on TV, etc. is also important.